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Music from the Void Collector's Edition

Dismiss The Shadows To Put An End the Sorrows

Pay a Visit to The World's Famous Music Academy

Stay To Find The Missing

Disclose Another Mystery

Here at ERS Game Studios we're about to take you on another adventure with us.

It's going to be Vienna this time!

You must have had plenty of fun playing Maestro 1: Notes of Death and then Maestro 2: Notes of Life but the whole thing is just about to get a lot more fascinating with Maestro: Music from the Void.

The third game from the sequel covers all kinds of entertaining musical mini games as usual along with its sweet and spooky soul reaching and spirit enriching music but let's get down to the details. What is going to be new and overall different this time?

The speed of the story is going to be incredible and that's just the first thing but then what would be happening in the story this time?

You reach the Music Academy in Vienna where two students and their teacher Mr. Bigler have mysteriously gone missing. Who could believe that people could just go missing right after hearing a piece of music? Why would one be interested in playing this piece on his violin? Why is a man being dragged off by the shadows right in front of your eyes? How did he know about them for having, warn you before having been taken by them?

Well that would be your job to find out detective.

The Vienna that Maestro 3: Music from the Void would be picturing for you is a city of both beauty and mystery but it would be your mission to save the city from this highly unexpected misery.

With Maestro 3: Music from the Void you'd see so many extraordinary things happening in just a snap of a second that the difference between fantasy and reality could be too hard to reckon.

What could calm the chaos could be a cool refreshing HO scene.

How would you prefer the HO scenes?

You want to see them nice and neat?

You expect them to be challenging and interactive?

Well, Maestro 3: Music from the Void would be covering all of that perfectly while entertaining you entirely.

The mini games are cute and creative and include all kinds of fascinating music instruments so prepare yourself, for having more fun with each and every single one of these musically enchanting mini games.

Play Maestro 3: Music from the Void to discover the unforgettable joy of another incredible game from your much loved game sequel.

  • Hours of bonus game play!
  • Concept art
  • Stunning wallpaper
  • Music soundtrack