Return to Joyville
Come to Undo the Past and Prevent an Upcoming Tragedy

Walking back in time, visiting little Felicia and the young master in their golden time

Here at ERS Game Studios, we have thought of the best way of swinging you higher than ever.

Puppet Show, your all -time, favorite is back but this time, the angle which you'd be viewing the characters has been totally renewed and it shines you up with a smile right up from the moment that you get to see sweet little Felicia welcoming you to the game.

That's right, sweet little Felicia, you see the story line encircles you in an absolute state of some sort of a sweet surprise. That mostly comes from the fact that you have only known Felicia's dark side but has she always been that way?

Perhaps, that's what you have been asking yourself and now it's time to hear it all from the young master and his beautiful little daughter. Even thinking about that gives you a fun picture to imagine but still that is nothing near comparable to what the bright, brilliant graphics and awesome locations of Puppet Show 4- Return to Joyville would be offering you.

The game is back with marvelous mini games that are mostly modern comparing to our previous old fashioned ones. Then the cute, bright, colorful Hidden Object scenes are filled with beautiful puppets all over the place and talking about the graphics, they're not simply gorgeous and stunning but what's more is that they're brighter than ever.

Then getting down to the music of the game, we have always heard how you've liked Puppet Show's music and we'd be willing to bet that you would love the new music, as well. Yes, a brand new music that would be, rhyming up the mysterious atmosphere of our game as well as boosting the spirit of our player.Of course returning to Joyville and bouncing back in time along with reviewing the sweet essence of the past, does not happen, for no reason.

Your main aim in stepping into the past is undoing, what it holds and preventing the upcoming tragedy.

Puppet Show 4- Return to Joyville offers the heavy history of the terrific time right before Felicia's heart breaking tragedy and gives you a challenging chance of being that healing hand, through breaking the geometry of time.

While rewinding the past and figuring out a way to wind it up all new, be ready to explore what Puppet Show 4- Return to Joyville has in store.

Another amazing, Must -Play game, brought to you by ERS Game Studios.

  • Incredible graphics
  • Travel in time!
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 395 MB