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Shadow Wolf Mysteries
Shadow Wolf Mysteries

Bane of the Family Collector's Edition
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Here, little Veronica struggling for her life is waiting for you, here, jiggling jolts of surprise would be following you

At ERS Game Studios, we're here to give you all the delicious details about our latest game and let you know you where you would exactly be going this time with Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Bane of the Family.

Shadow Wolf Mysteries 2 is another sweet scary game that wraps your day with plenty of fun stuff without stretching your nerves in fear. Let's say the game story has a very quiet creep of fear but has an excellent sack of surprises instead.

The story is absolutely Fascinating, with all kinds of family secrets, curses and revelations. There are all these striking surprising moments all through the game, beginning with the werewolf itself, this time with plenty of glitz and glamour. This time the werewolf is a woman. There are a lot of enormously giant and delicately tiny unexpected revealing moments that would bring you a good deal of jiggling jolts.

Veronica the same little girl from Shadow Wolf Mysteries 1 has a jaw dropping life diary but that's not all, she is now terribly sick and you need to find a way to save her life while the werewolf part of the story reveals itself quickly but quite queer.Comparing to the previous game from the same series, the locations are way more various and the scenes are far more interesting with more characters that are involved in the game.

Puzzles and mini games are loaded all over and the Hidden Objects Scenes are piles of alluring ancient stuff that keep you entirely entertained.

Here at ERS Game Studios and with Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Bane of the Family we have added more shrilling thrills to a game that is a lot more relaxing and precisely less freaking comparing to some of our other games like Haunted Halls or Redemption Cemetery.

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Bane of the Family is an adorable elegant stress losing game and an incredible way of boosting your day further with a higher spirit and definitely a better mood with all the puzzles and HO Scenes while telling you some eye popping family secrets that keep you amazingly amused, all through the game and constantly.

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