Haunted Halls
Haunted Halls

Revenge of Dr.Blackmore
You're THE ONE! The One Who Plays It To The Fullest!

Play it to escape DEATH!

Make the most of your final hours of life, ACE IT!

Life against death, THAT'S IT!

YEAH! Pay a Visit to Blackmore, Learn His Revenge Plan+ Plenty More!

Here at ERS Game Studios, we're always hearing how much all of you have enjoyed our Haunted Halls game series.

All of you playing the series from the beginning do remember how it all started with Haunted Halls 1: Green Hills Sanitarium and how Haunted Halls2: Fears from Childhood came afterwards and we're now looking towards Haunted Halls 3: Revenge of Doctor Blackmore.

That's RIGHT!

The long wait is finally over and what's more is that all the weight of your curiosity about the rest of the story with Tim and Dr. Blackmore won't be bothering you anymore. For now we're here with Haunted Halls 3: Revenge of Doctor Blackmore giving you all the delicious details, you've been forever waiting to hear.

Though there seems to be no escape this time, as Blackmore has it all planned as well as having you (the player) all tied up, in the hope of seeing you giving up on having any chances to free yourself or even have the time to think of Tim when all of it seems so GRIM!

However the stunning story aside, the game has new patterns of Hidden Object Scenes that you are going to explore through each and every lucky opportunity that the glittering appears to guide you.

Everything from the graphics to the game setting and all that you'd be seeing is so modern and fascinating that would be pretty hard to pick out one prick, telling you which scene or location could be a tiny bit boring.

Especially when spooky presence of Dr. Blackmore every once in a while seems to be spooky enough to stink up the whole much -dreaded atmosphere of the whole place. Yet, you'd be surprised to find so much more to Blackmore's dark, doomed revenge party this time.

There's going to be much more than any other time. The death-chair you are locked up to, the poisonous spiders crawling all over around you and that horrible gas that has brought all kinds of hallucinations in front of you, all and all makes the game totally unbeatable! That's true but the question is while all of that seems to be killing you, what could be inspiring you?

The answer is PLENTY but meanwhile would you mind a cute kangaroo relaxing on a rocking chair while reading his newspapers?

You see, not all that you'd be seeing would be terrifying and the entertaining list of all the totally modern and mostly mechanical looking mini-games would be a tempting list, you wouldn't want to MISS!

Haunted Halls 3: Revenge of Doctor Blackmore is not just a plain game but it is more of a bliss breathing game, frame by frame, from the beginning to the end.

Have we managed to lock your breaths with another game by ERS?

Well, all of us here at ERS Game Studios, surely do HOPE SO!

  • Solve mind-bending puzzles
  • Save your fiance!
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 498 MB