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Notes of Life
Dragging the dead back & giving their lives back

Notes that won't make you sigh could make you want to fly

At ERS Game Studios, we're here with the latest details on our new Hidden Object Game: Maestro Notes of Life that comes to add an interesting side to Maestro Music of Death, All new with an incredibly touchy story that creeps upon you to capture you all over and entirely.

The Stories are absolutely striking alongside each other and while one talented boy steps up to play his violin to dance the dead out of the coffin another boy runs into you begging you for help while telling you how his sister had been trapped in an old spooky dismal basement.

Quick location snaps and speedy bounces give Maestro: Notes of Life a more powerful sense of time urgency along with packs of surprising pricks that make you want to pitch in and switch the whole state of the story around.This time with more characters, a good deal of back tracking from dark locations to brighter ones and then you'd be totally stunned by all the sweet and neat Hidden Object scenes that are totally different from messed up piles that you have probably seen in some of our other games. Basically everything has been retouched to create an absolutely stunning atmosphere that could perfectly side to the story.

Then the music is just as powerful as always and surely is a magnetizing memorable piece of the whole game package.

Talking about the characters, they are far more mysterious than some of our other games and happen to be pretty entertaining especially as they turn into dust right in front of you. So watch out for the man who comes to tell you his story, there is certainly much more to him than what catches the eye at first but is certainly capable of perfectly surprising you at the last minute.

Of course, the game is entirely loaded with freaky fun stuff that would be surfacing all along to entertain you but the skeleton band performance on their sweet tiny stage is probably one of the most unbeatable cute creepy scenes of the entire game.

So if a good deal of ghostly gossip and hanging out with mummies and skeletons dancing and singing, would sound like something near your nest of interest then leave no time to waste for that is exactly what Maestro Notes of Life triumphs with.

It all comes with chic dashing Notes of Life, brought to you by ERS Game Studios.

  • Find a missing girl
  • Silence the hypnotizing music
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 504 MB